Harford County Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation Scholarships

Independent 501c3 operated by Harford County Chamber of Commerce provides scholarships to high school seniors and adults pursuing higher education or training.

High School Scholarship Categories:

♦ Arts, Media and Communication
♦ Business, Finance and Information Technology
♦ Service, Engineering and Technology
♦ Health and Human Services
William B. Seccurro Teacher Education Scholarship

 ** High school seniors looking to apply for a technology/trade school scholarship, please refer below.**

Adult Scholarship Categories:

♦ Returning Veteran
♦ Returning Adult
♦ Technology/Trade

The deadline to complete our 2017 Scholarship Application is April 7, 2017.

Download our scholarship applications:
High School Senior Application

Returning Adult, Veteran or Technology/Trade Scholarship

Harford County Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation

The Harford County Chamber of Commerce, through the Chamber’s Education Foundation, has awarded scholarships over the years to deserving high school seniors, returning adults and returning veterans in our county. As a business association we are proud to offer these scholarships for the education of our young adults that they may return to us and become a valued part of our businesses and community.

The Education Committee is raising funds to broaden the scope of the scholarships that will be awarded in June of 2016 at the annual Education and Scholarship Breakfast. In an effort to prepare students for a rapidly changing workplace, Harford County Public Schools works with students to choose a career pathway in one of the following areas:

  • Arts, Media and Communications
  • Business, Finance, and Information Technology
  • Health and Human Services
  • Science, Engineering, and Technology.

Graduating seniors in the class of 2016 will now have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship in one of these four career areas of interest. The Education Committee has also created a new award for those students pursuing a technical or vocational certificated program and has maintained the Returning Veteran and Returning Adult scholarships.

In order to expand the number of students and the types of scholarships awarded, we need your assistance. Through the generous contributions of chamber members upon the retirement of Dr. William Seccurro in 2010, the Education Foundation built a healthy reserve of funds for our scholarship program. In his honor, The Chamber also awards each year the William B. Seccurro Teacher Education Scholarship.

In order to keep the fund healthy, and offer additional scholarships to students in various fields of interest, we are creating a General Scholarship Fund that businesses can allocate monies to for the scholarship program each year. Your funds may be designated towards one of the specific scholarships listed above or for general use as needed and your business will be recognized as a sponsor.

If you are interested in making a financial contribution, you may donate by doing any of the following:

  • Online donation made on the Chamber’s website (www.harfordchamber.org)
  • Check, payable to the Harford County Chamber of Commerce Educational Foundation
  • Cash

Donations can be made at any time for any denomination as the scholarship needs are ongoing and awarded annually. If you have any questions about the process or need assistance, please call 410-838-2020.